rupy says: sweet i have found 3 young promising chics
Cow: what did they promise?
rupy says: whoops wrong window
rupy says: lol
Cow: hahahaha classic

ilaydadles: hi jason
ilaydadles: plz talk with me...
Jason - Web Africa: can i help
ilaydadles: yeah .can we meet?
Jason - Web Africa: why would you like to meet me?
ilaydadles: i just want to be friend..
Jason - Web Africa: i have lots of friends already?
ilaydadles: ok.
ilaydadles: if you don'T want,i can'T disturb you.
Jason - Web Africa: k bye
ilaydadles: ok.take care of youself
Jason - Web Africa: i do thanks

Cow: another song 4 u
Cow: something like
Matt: i made up my own one
Matt: start like this:
Cow: lemmie come undone
Cow: ie. come on don ;p
Matt: got a cock in my assssss... gotta smile on my face.... oh yeah baby yeah
Cow: hahaha
Matt: its actually a love song
Matt: come undone rollers
Cow: u know it?
Matt: its not my best work tho
Matt: i wont lie

Cow: gaygaygay gaygaygay
Cow: oh man what a gay
Cow: my new song
Matt: what a gay what a gay what a gayyyyy
Matt: gay man
Cow: take me 2 a gayyyy bar
Cow: gay bar
Cow: gay bar
Matt: i took you at a gay bar. in my car. near and far
Cow: what a star
Cow: at the gay bar
Cow: gay bar
Cow: gay bar
Matt: i want to kok
Cow: in a purple frock
Cow: o what a gay
Cow: he's so gay
Matt: in man you find happiness. in cock happiness finds u
Cow: haha

Cow: craft
Cow: 2night
Matt: isee
Matt: convince bony
Matt: hew wants to goto gaymernaus
Cow: oh
Cow: u mean hermANUS
Matt: her anal his anal
Matt: all the same
Matt: ass is commodity
Matt: i buy and sell it
Cow: that's how u got siffilus
Matt: make a tidy profit on a dirty hole
Matt: keep it sloppy and floppy
Matt: thats my motto

Olly: hows the fort at marais
Cow: it's ok
Cow: had 1 or 2 ppl come past 2 have a look
Cow: nothing yet
Olly: whats your place on the market for
Cow: so that ppl can buy it
Olly: i knew you were gonna say that
Cow: hahaha

Dev: havnt been out since my b-day @ Hemisphere :-O
Dev: ima clean for a month
Cow: aight same here
Cow: it's all happenin @ the G on friday tho
Cow: peter's farewell effort :/
Dev: Im clean
Cow: ya i know
Cow: this line's probably tapped
Dev: :-O
Cow: should prolly use uber new msn encryption
Cow: yrellag het @ uc
Dev: *activates*
Dev: yuo mi
Dev: neve tuo
Cow: tikcehc i
Dev: yauguru
Cow: ahah
Dev: lol
Dev: thats lol in reverse yo, just incase u couldnt decriptx0r it
Cow: omg, u sent teh cypher over public channel!
Dev: I have teh mad sekurity!
Dev: mfr! I can hear them coming up teh stairs

Cow: ./.
Olly: .\.
Olly: just had the raddest dump
Cow: niiiiice
Cow: just had a l33t wank
Olly: one of those dumps when u dont even need any toilet paper
Cow: made 2 meters
Olly: know what i mean
Olly: 2 meters??
Olly: woaw
Cow: yeo
Cow: i normally only get 1.5
Cow: almost hit artur
Olly: i've hit myself in the face a few times, but 2 meters???
Cow: classic

Mya: busy?
Cow: yeah :/
Cow: wassup
Mya: another bug *sigh*
Cow: ?
Mya: system
Mya: we're doing
Mya: neverending source of bugs
Cow: sounds like teh amazon
Cow: hahaha
Cow: sorry ..
mya logged out
Cow: o .. m .. f .. s
Dev: hahaha
Dev: so this monkey walks into a bar and tunes... got any peanuts.... so the barman takes out a map and asks..... where's URUGUAY?
Cow: hahaha

Cow: who ru & what'r u doing with my goat
Olly: just gimme a moment....i'm embracing ludicrous speed
Cow: haha

Olly: [insert greeting]
Cow: [insert penis sign]
Cow: o wait i got that right here
Cow: ./.
Cow: l33333t
Cow: did u get an email earlier?
Olly: no email
Olly: [confusion]
Cow: no email?
Cow: u'r mail server working?
Olly: yueah
Olly: what time u send it
Cow: i didn't send anything
Cow: just wondering if u got an email
Olly: u r such a gay

Mya: reminds me..
Mya: need 2 book phantom tickets
Cow: do they materialise then?
Mya: no
Mya: phantom of the opera

Cow: how many gheis does it take 2 screw in a lightbulb?
rupy: how many gays does it take to screw in a light bulb moe?
Cow: 3
Cow: mwhahahahahahahahahahaha
rupy: hahaha
rupy: y 3 ?
Cow: i dunno i'm not ghei hahahahahahahahaha
rupy: hahaha
* Cow go's mad

StevieBear says: At the plaza...I always seem to be in the right place at the right time!
StevieBear says: Just my luck
tylt says: that's what they make you think
StevieBear says: They must really like me!
tylt says: then u always buy the stuff then and there coz it's a "one in a lifetime chance"
Rockchick says: Everyone likes you, pookie
StevieBear says: No, seriously...all those offers are just cause it's me!
Rockchick says: because u'll believe anything
tylt says: you must look gullible
Rockchick says: I didn't want to use that word
StevieBear says: So early in the morning and already I'm taking flak
tylt says: coz it's been taken out the dictionary, right?
Rockchick says: U set urself up for it
tylt says: not really... i know that one
tylt says: caught my dad out with it tho
StevieBear says: has it really been taken out the dictionary?
tylt says: yes steve... it was deemed rude and discriminatory
StevieBear says: U'r kidding me??????
tylt says: you'll still find it in the big dictionaries, but it's not in the smaller ones anymore
tylt says: coz it's not sposed to be in common usage
Rockchick says: Really?
StevieBear says: oh...ok
Rockchick says: Since when do they take words out of dictionaries?
tylt says: political pressure
Rockchick says: Isn't that defeating the ppurpose?
tylt says: i don't understand the reasons really
Rockchick says: that's weird
tylt says: u realise i'm bullshitting u
tylt says: ;)
Rockchick says: There are far ruder words in dictionaries than that
StevieBear says: I knew it...shit mikey!
tylt says: heeehehehehehhehee

sam: hey
sam: i seen something on your webpage which reminded me of something
sam: but ive forgotten

Mya says: hey
Mya says: there a powerfailuer ther?
Cow says: no?
Cow says: i'm online ;p
Mya says: o
Mya says: rite
Mya says: blonde moment
Mya says: just heard there was a power failuer ther

Olly says: jerry springer
Olly says: omg,some chick wants to marry her dad
Cow says: wots the mom think've it
Olly says: she not watching
Cow says: the chix on tv's mom dumbass
Olly says: oh rite!
Olly says: oops
Olly says: she's coming on the show now
Cow says: she should do that in private
Cow says: u any idea what ac97 means?
Olly says: just the type of soundcard
Olly says: thats all
Cow says: informative
Olly says: i know
Olly says: i try hey
Cow says: /me designs pc spec
Cow says: "mboard: sum type've audio onboard, sum type've chipset"
Olly says: quite correct
Olly says: been powerkiting in hermanus
Olly says: sweet bro
Cow says: sweet
Cow says: is that like flying electric kites?
Olly says: YES
Olly says: exactly
Cow says: kewl
Cow says: /me wantz 1
Olly says: /me
Olly says: this /me stuff is gay
Olly says: u too used to IRC
Olly says: when it changes /me to cow
Cow says: is that what it does
Olly says: it doesnt change /me to cow for me
Cow says: well
Cow says: u'r names not cow
Olly says: fuck u r a tru gay
Matt says: u know anyone who has mp3's / cd's of The Who?
Cow says: who?
Matt says: yeah THe Who
Cow says: which 1
Matt says: Who's Next
Cow says: when
Matt says: gay
Cow says: ic

Matt says: what time you going home?
Matt says: what time you going out?
Cow says: dunno
Cow says: dunno
Cow says: me not female
Matt says: roughly
Cow says: ya roughly not female
Cow says: home bout hour or 2 i spose
Cow says: dunno wot doin yet
Matt says: ahh ok
Cow says: howcome
Cow says: missin me?
Matt says: how much anal could i get for 20 bucks?
Cow says: minimal penetration
Matt says: can you stop by on the way back
Cow says: for 20 bux?
Cow says: i'm not that kinda guy
Cow says: waddup @ 'r place
Matt says: i c
Matt says: um no seriously
Matt says: i need a favour
Matt says: can you take ru pick up a bar fridge in seapoint
Cow says: /me struggles 2 deconstruct that sentence
Cow says: but yeah kewl
Cow says: gb
Cow says: don't spose u spotted the maid 2day? (serious tone)
Cow says: o
Cow says: an tell rupy i think he's hot
Matt says: no didnt check her
Cow says: mate her?
Matt says: yeah i scored her anal good
Cow says: that was a chess referal
Matt says: oic
Matt says: mine was cheap gay referral
Cow says: was it?


RupY says: Hi mo
RupY says: has matt asked you about the lift ?
Cow says: hey huni
Cow says: he has
Cow says: i'm a bit shy tho
RupY says: We need to collect a Bar Fridge
Cow says: how big is it
Cow says: like, bar fridge size?
RupY says: Bar Fridge
RupY says: lol yeah
Cow says: icic .. so that's medium?
RupY says: "bar fridge size"
RupY says: up to your waist ?
RupY says: yeah it wont be a problem fitting it into your car... I should think
Cow says: yea
Cow says: managed 2 shove sum fairly large stuph into the rear
RupY says: lol
Cow says: tell matt i miss him
Cow says: when/where
Cow says: and what commission i get
RupY says: 5:50pm
Cow says: i can only make 5:52
RupY says: A big Kiss
RupY says: Thts fine I told the chikc I would be there at 6pm
RupY says: no really though would it be okay Mo-Man ?
Cow says: possibly
Cow says: tell u @ 6
RupY says: lol
Cow says: ya i imagine
Cow says: "long" as there's much anal involved
Cow says: u dewds' office @ 5:50 ?
RupY says: yeah please
Cow says: anal?
RupY says: Ill cum outside at 5:50
Cow says: soundz like fun
Cow says: gmt?
RupY says: lol
Cow says: wtf dewd
Cow says: don't disturb me .. i'm on the phone
RupY says: lol
RupY says: When u gonna l33v ?
Cow says: i don't sp34k l33t
Cow says: in a bit .. u gays can time me
RupY says: | c
Cow says: can guarantee 5 mins ..
RupY says: ok

matt called olly (in my office), so we made justin (also) pick up & be gay ..

Matt says: bitchass
Matt says: u there?
Matt says: is gayman with u - i think his phone may have been stolen
Cow says: na i phoned him right now
Matt says: whats his number?
Cow says: olly?
Cow says: 072XXXXXXX
Matt says: yes
Cow says: erm
Cow says: should i call ..
Matt says: i phoned eailer and some coloured ghuy answered
Matt says: u spoke to him now on his phone??
Matt says: (confused)
Cow says: like an hour ago
Cow says: mm i'll call .. hold on
Matt says: i phoned him about 1/2 an hour ago
Cow says: kak
Cow says: sum1 called ruben picked up
Cow says: wen'd u last talk 2 him
Matt says: who the fuck is ruben?
Cow says: i dunno i put down
Cow says: gonna call his house
Matt says: dunno saw him yesterday
Matt says: spoke to him online earlier
Matt says: at about 1
Matt says: i phoned - no reply at home
Matt says: spoke to ju
Cow says: bleh
Cow says: he left here bout 2/3 hours ago
Matt says: she's at caprice and hasnt seen him
Cow says: dunno watsup then
Matt says: when u spoke to him an hour ago where was he?
Cow says: o i dunno didn't ask
Cow says: that was 2 hours ago

ol meets matt's msn bot

Olly says: gb
Olly says: u coming to margi's 21st tonite
Olly says: at budda bar
Matt says: ine as far as i know
Olly says: huh?
Matt says: o u often use a computer there?
Olly says: aaahhhh gay incoherent bastid
Matt says: hat?
Olly says: ure invited u must come it will be fun
Olly says: it will b the bomb, the whole town is talking about it
Matt says: dont have an answer for you
Olly says: for sure
Matt says: ow?
Olly says: possibly bro
Olly says: sorta vibe
Matt says: wesome
Matt says: jokes bro
Matt says: i wouldve come but i wasnt invited ........ (a legit line)
Matt says: so now i made plans
Matt says: leaving now
Matt says: gtg get sum sleep before the networks games begin
Olly says: u gay
Olly says: u were obviouisly invited
Matt says: there could be

day 2

Olly says: gbbb
Matt says: no i dont think i have any lube but i do have a great botmaster
Olly says: excellent
Matt says: the alice chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about uct try being more or less specific
Olly says: what u up2 to2day gb
Matt says: ayuh
Olly says: ggggb
Matt says: i think about computer programming a lot
Olly says: i'm sure u do
Matt says: by the way, do u mind if i ask u a personal question?
Olly says: not at all
Olly says: fire away bro
Matt says: what makes u so certain? when do i do it?
Olly says: wtf
Olly says: msn is gaying out
Matt says: i will make a note of that
Olly says: cant believe u thought u werent invited to margis party u gay
Matt says: and gaying out is msn
Olly says: gay fucka u there
Matt says: can a book have no title?
Olly says: gb howcome u not replying on miranda
Matt says: do u still?